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Great Leaders
Close the Gap between Intentions and Results

Uncover the Mystery. Solve Problems. Deliver Results.

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Being a Brilliant Business Person Doesn’t Guarantee you’ll be a Great Leader

At the Daymark Group, we work to eliminate the mystery that stands in the way of great performance and achievement by providing Leadership & Organizational Development Consulting and Executive Coaching to C-Suite leaders, executives, senior leaders, and boards.


In our Leadership Development Programs, we work to eliminate the gap between intention and results.  We work with you to quickly assess and remove roadblocks to success, connecting the dots between strategy, alignment, and performance.


By applying proven assessments and behavioral coaching methods, we foster the creation of sustainable behaviors that lift the limits standing in the way of great performance, providing you with measurable business and personal results.

How To Get Started
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Uncover the Mystery. Solve Problems. Deliver Results.

Contact Me. Give me a brief idea of where you or your organization stands before we speak.

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- Angela Love, PhD


Client Stories

President – Microsoft LATAM & ASIA

"Angela has been a great partner for me, someone that I trust and can share concerns with. She is someone who will speak the truth – even if is not popular – but always with the goal to help and get the best of the team/people she works with.”

Are you an organization?

President UK and Ireland – Fortune 500 multinational – Electronics industry

"Angela and I have been working together for the last couple of years through multiple transitions and growth periods during my career. Angela started by interviewing my direct bosses, matrix bosses, my own team members and peers to get a full picture of me as a professional and determining what we wanted to accomplish together. I have come to rely on Angela as an amazing sounding board for me- both professionally and personally. I can't thank Angela enough as the growth I've had professionally and personally in the last couple of years has been thoughtfully guided by Angela as my partner. What can I say- she's simply the best and I can't thank her enough!!! "

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“The truly great leaders I know are comfortable with the truth – hearing it and sharing it.” 

Angela Love, PhD

Integrity. Empathy. Grit. Drive.

With my Fortune 500 global experience in Organizational Development and Leadership Development, I’ve helped to create clarity and success for clients such as Microsoft, Citrix, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Tyco, FedEx, Nordstrom, Humana Health Care, the Discovery Channel, Law Enforcement agencies, and Carnival Cruise Lines. 

I work with people to bring about personal, strategic and cultural change with sustainable results.

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