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The Daymark Group

We maintain an international network of vetted consultants and coaches.

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“The truly great leaders I know are comfortable with the truth – hearing it and sharing it.” 

Angela Love

Angela Love, PhD

Founder and President     

Founder of the Daymark Group, Angela Love has decades of experience in Fortune 500 corporation management, consulting, and coaching. As a trusted advisor, leadership development expert, and executive coach to leaders and boards, Angela works with clients to maximize effectiveness in areas such as leadership, change management, communication, and high-performance team development. Her client list includes Microsoft, Citrix, Johnson & Johnson, Tyco, Trinity Health, Humana, GlaxoSmithKline, Raymond James Financial Services, Carnival Corp, Nordstrom, FEDEX, Burger King, and the Discovery Channel.


During her previous career at AT&T and then Marquette Medical/GE, Angela gained intensive experience in the areas of operations, team-based management, global business account management, marketing, and information technology systems. Her global management experience provides her with in-depth knowledge of diverse industry business operations with an understanding of key organizational and leadership development principles. Angela served as Chairman of the NASA and Florida State Technological Research Authority business outreach program for two years.

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Adriana Lerner

MBA – Senior Consultant

Adriana Lerner Adelson’s international career began at IBM where she spent 21 years in leadership positions in IT, marketing, sales and business development. Prior to her role as Senior Vice President of Strategy for the Buildings Division of Schneider-Electric, Adelson served six years at Tyco International, where she helmed Global Business Development as Vice President while also heading the Tyco business council in Brazil. Adriana brings her invaluable expertise in building teams, strategies, and alliances to grow global sales in vertical markets for security, energy management, IT, and Art & Design  businesses. She has a proven ability to source, recruit, develop, mentor and motivate executive-level talent. She is a champion and trailblazer for corporate social responsibility initiatives that build brand recognition and influence the well-being of local and global communities.


Adelson’s creative approach to international commerce led her to found Arrivals Gate, a collective of small factories and workshops in developing countries that produce unique, handmade products for a global clientele, with the goal of providing a positive impact on small communities across the world.

Prof. Justin James Kennedy

Professor of Applied Neuroscience, Behavioral Analyst, Executive Coach

Justin holds the position of Professor of Applied Neuroscience at Monarch Business School Switzerland and faculty at the Salomons Institute for Applied Psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University in the UK, where he supervises Ph.D.'s in neuroscience. He co-authored the SAGE textbook on Organisational Well-being Neuroscience and wrote BRAIN REBOOT, A Change of Mind Will Change Your Brain (2019), Foreward by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.

His TEDx talk: Your Brain is a Selfish Democrat was recorded in 2014. In his executive coaching practice and numerous academic projects all over the world, he has been researching behavioral neuroscience.


He's been coaching executives and high performers in person and online over the last 15 years. 

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John Bess

Leadership and Board Advisory Consulting

The Daymark Group Board is lead by John Bess, of John Bess, LLC, a venture focused company that invests in and/or advises start-up and emerging companies.

John brings extensive leadership experience in both large and smaller entrepreneurial organizations gained from over 35 years of general management and consulting experience, including 21 years at Procter & Gamble, many as a senior executive responsible for some of their largest businesses. Post P&G, John was President/COO of International Home Foods, playing a key role in revitalizing this $1.5 billion food company’s brands and executing its successful IPO after it’s divestiture from American Home Products (Wyeth).

John has extensive consulting experience, having spent time at PwC/IBM Consulting as part of their Corporate Strategy practices. 

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Stefani Melendez
Master’s student and Graduate Assistant at Florida International University (FIU) 

Stefani Melendez is a Master’s student and Graduate Assistant at Florida International University (FIU) in the Organizational Sciences program. Stefani brings research and program design experience to her internship with the Daymark Group. She is creating a training and coaching program to help organizational leaders identify and overcome imposter syndrome, one of her key research interests. 


In addition to establishing and delivering a crime feedback survey for the FIU Police Department, Stefani is creating a training program for FIU Graduate Student faculty to help recognize and communicate with PhD students about their wellness and mental health. Stefani is passionate about Organization and Leadership Development, and she brings engaging research and ideas to the team. Welcome, Stefani!

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