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Because Experience Matters.

With my Fortune 500 global experience in Organizational Development and Leadership Development, I’ve helped to create clarity and success for clients such as Microsoft, Citrix, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Tyco, FedEx, Nordstrom, Humana Health Care, the Discovery Channel, Law Enforcement agencies, and Carnival Cruise Lines.


I work with people to bring about personal, strategic and cultural change with sustainable results. Whether your company is a Fortune 500, public sector, private, or non-profit, companies are run by people. I’ve learned that great leadership is always the result of people and teams coming together to do the hard work to become even better.  


With a dual US/UK citizenship and extensive experience working with teams on 4 continents, I’ve grown to understand the unique needs of organizations and leaders and how they vary across cultures and countries. 

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I believe that outstanding marketplace performance can only be achieved through great people, leadership, and engagement. My approach works to eliminate barriers and build value within your organization. In my vision of success, sustainable change is always achievable with integrity, empathy, grit, and drive. 


Let’s work together to bring about the personal or organizational change you envision.

Uncover the Mystery. Solve Problems. Deliver Results.

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